Image of Whiskey Beach


Image of Whiskey Beach

Superstar Roberts’ newest offering is a fantastic character study laced with mystery, murder and passion. A centuries-old house is also a major player in this dramatic story of a man attempting to rebuild his shattered life. Roberts knows just how to grab your heart and proves it with this wonderful book filled with warmth and tenderness, as well as treachery and danger.

Defense attorney Eli Landon’s life shattered in the wake of his estranged wife’s murder when suspicion fell on him. A year later the murder is still unsolved and Eli continues to be hounded by his own personal “Javert,” Det. Wolf. When Eli’s grandmother, Hester, takes a serious fall at the family’s Bluff House mansion in Whiskey Beach, Eli agrees to move in to watch over it while Hester recovers at his parents’. Upon arrival Eli is confronted by the gentle prodding of Abra Walsh, who cleans Bluff House, among a variety of other interesting jobs. A unique personality, Abra entices Eli back to participating in life. However a centuries-old mystery and modern-day murder continues to stalk them. (PUTNAM, Apr., 496 pp., $27.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith