Niccolo Andreani had left his family, the priesthood and the town he grew up in because of a feeling of helplessness. Now living in the Whiskey Island comm-unity outside of Cleveland, he has a quiet life. Then one cold night, Niccolo takes a turn into a parking lot that changes his life. Witnessing an attempted car jacking, Niccolo helps the two women and small girl being harassed and this one second puts him in contact with the Donaghue family.

Megan Donaghue has spent her life working to keep her family together and to keep the saloon that has been in the family for generations, and doesnt relish the interference of a handsome stranger. Niccolo is immediately curious about aspects of Megans family and life that she would rather leave alone.

In the course of Niccolos research, he finds a journal that is over 100 years old and tells much about the past of Whiskey Island. It might also go a long way to explaining its present.

Ms. Richards story is one of depth. With significant side stories and the masterful way she balances tales of the past and present, she has penned a keeper. (Jun., 512 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson