In a departure from her heartwarming, Americana-style romances, Rebecca Hagan Lee ventures into the world of European society with a passionate, riveting tale.

After her mother sells her to the highest bidder, the Hapsburg Prince Rudolph, Christina Fairfax attempts to escape and lands in the arms of Blake Ashford, the Princes escort while he is in London.

When he learns of her plight, he steps in, taking her to his home where she will be safe from both her ruthless mother and the lecherous prince. But she is not safe from him or the mutual passion that begins as a simmering flame and eventually turns into a blazing fire of desire.

When Christina learns of Blakes disastrous first marriage, she refuses to marry him to save her reputation and his honor. Instead she turns to Prince Rudolph and travels as his companion to Vienna, where she can protect her unborn child.

Fate brings Blake to the Austrian city where he and Christina rekindle their love and where they discover they must gamble on the strength of their love to save the day.

WHISPER ALWAYS is a sophisticated, fascinating romance that brings readers into a glittering world and a thrilling romance. Rebecca Hagan Lee is a consummate storyteller who can bring any era and an unusual backdrop to life with color and passion. SENSUAL (Dec., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin