For five years she'd made a life for herself as an assistant director, not knowing her past. A dark night tosses her back to the 1930's and to a private investigator who was accused of killing her. It seems like someone still wants her dead. In THE MAN THAT GOT AWAY (4.5), a very innovative time-travel thriller, new author Harper Allen brings the classic black and white detective movies to life.

He was a private eye used to cheating spouses and personal injury cases. When approached to help find a murderer, he's not interested, until he realizes the next victim could be a woman from his past. Sheryl Lynn does a nice job blending intrigue, romance and humor in EASY LOVING (3)

Being released from jail after doing time for a crime he didn't commit, a man heads to the one place he's truly not welcome. There he finds the one woman he'd be smart not to get involved with. A murder brings the two wounded souls together. Gayle Wilson's scarred characters will touch you in WHISPER MY LOVE (3).

A journalist with demons from his past is forced to face them when his estranged sister is injured and her husband is murdered. The only witness is his four-year-old step-nephew. Now he and the boy's mother are out to find out what was seen THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILD (2). Laura Kenner has created a truly frightening tale, though the pacing occasionally drags.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson