Long determined to solve the mystery of her father's death, Dominica Kincaid leaves her convent refuge when a letter summons her to the ranch of the wealthy Colfax family. It is there that her father is buried.

As dark and dangerous as the mountains he calls home, the loner known as Luke is the only one who offers to guide Domini after her money is stolen. She is unaware that Luke's protectiveness stems from a debt he owes her father.

Still, Luke's motives aside, their meeting sets sparks to a burning hunger that is fraught with sexual tension.

Domini has come seeking answers and gets little help from her father's friend Toma Colfax, a man who believes everyone has a price. Amanda, his self-serving wife, has an agenda of her own and is equally difficult. Meanwhile Matt, their son, is hatching his own schemes to gain wealth and power.

Trapped by an intricate web, Domini discovers the dark secrets of the Colfax family and the answers that can free Luke from the nightmare that haunts him. But these shattering truths could destroy her, and in the end she must risk everything for the undeniable passion she shares with Luke

WHISPER MY NAME is a compelling tour de force for the enormously talented Ms. Cantrell. In Luke, with all his rough edges, she has once again created a hero to fantasize about. Spellbound readers will enjoy peeling away his hard shell to expose the sweetness hidden inside. SENSUAL (June, 379 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Frances L. Trainor