Humor and hot sex combine in A Whisper of Wanting (4) by Jamie Sobrato. Visiting a San Diego tourist trap, journalist Ethan Ransey is offered "crazy passion" in the form of a lust potion. When he doesn't buy, the owner slips the bottle to the group he's in when police come into the shop. Ethan wonders if there's something more illegal than pretend lust and takes the bottle to Detective Nicole Arroyo to have it analyzed. They had a failed sexual encounter two years before, and he hasn't been able to get over her. When part of the potion spills on them, their attraction flares out of control. Good description (the salesman is a "tiny lizard of a man"), very hot sex, strong characters and an interesting plot make this a wonderful read. Since this is part of a series (Lust Potion #9), we don't find out if there's actually a potion.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor