Image of Whisper of Warning (Pocket Star Books Romance)


Image of Whisper of Warning (Pocket Star Books Romance)

Griffin combines a perfectly woven and tense mystery with a sweet and compelling love story. A full cast of characters provides a well-rounded story. Each character is easy to empathize with and appreciate for his or her flaws and strengths. The most avid mystery lovers will be pleased with the surprise ending.

Courtney Glass has a life of unfortunate decisions behind her, the last of which had her dating -- and breaking up with -- a well-known attorney, John David Allen. Six months after their breakup, his persistent text messages force her to agree to meet him. At their meeting, a masked man jumps them, a gun is forced into Courtney's hand and John David is shot point blank. Before the gun can be turned on Courtney, she maces her attacker and makes a run for it.

But the trouble doesn't end there. The cops aren't buying her story, and they're ready to convict her for John David's murder. Only one police officer, Will Hodges, seems willing to believe her. Drawn to him and running out of options Courtney has two choices: run or trust the sexy Officer Hodges with the truth. (POCKET STAR, Apr., 336 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton