Brenda Jackson has written a sensational romance with another of the gorgeous Madaris brothers. Stormy, sensual and sexy-all that a romance reader could want in a love story - WHISPERED PROMISES is the ultimate keeper.

When Dex Madaris flies to the bedside of his dying ex-father-in-law he is shocked to learn that Dex's divorce from Caitlin never went through. Furthermore, Dex learns that he is the father of her three-year-old girl. As Dex is reeling from the revelation, the dying man wrings a deathbed promise from Dex: he must take care of Caitlin and their child. Dex is furious that he is still married and must now look out for Caitlin -- until an unidentified motorist tries to run her down in the park.

Caitlin Madaris has never stopped loving Dex, despite their "divorce" four years ago. Caitlin knows that part of their split is because Dex believes that she chose her father over her husband. However, she balks at revealing it to the hard, ruthless man her husband has become.

As Dex tries to keep Caitlin and their daughter safe, he is also fighting an internal battle against his desire to turn his instant family into a real one.

(Sept., 247 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson