Neil Taggert and Dutch Holland have been bitter rivals for years. Despite their fathers' rivalry, Harley Taggert and Claire Holland fell in love. Kane Moran watched 17-year-old Claire carefully and knew that Harley was not the man for her. In spite of her crush on Harley, Claire is drawn to town bad boy Kane.

Older son Weston Taggert is obsessed by fiery Miranda Holland. When she ignores him, he decides that seducing young Tessa Holland is the next best thing. The tangled relationships lead to tragedy.

Harley Taggert drowns in the lake, but thanks to Dutch's money, the police don't investigate too thoroughly. All three of the Holland girls claim to have been involved in a car accident at the time of death but Kane knew there was much more to the story. Sixteen years later, Kane, now a respected journalist, plans to write a book solving the long buried mystery. But his drive to uncover the truth is tempered by his continued attraction to Claire. If she is involved, can he risk exposing her?

Author Lisa Jackson delivers a tour de force performance with this dynamic and complicated tale of love, greed and murder. This is Ms. Jackson at her very best! (June, 413 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith