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Homicide detective Marti MacAlister and her partner Matthew Vik Jessenovik have an strange case. An arm has been found and the tecs have to find a body to go along with it. To their surprise, they discover that over the past 20 years other arms have been found without a matching body. If its a case of serial killing, its the most unusual theyve ever heard of.

In the meantime, Martis good friend Sharon is at a crossroads in her lifeher mother, seriously ill, is rejecting her; her daughter can be difficult; and her job is impossible. The new man in her life is a bright spot and he assures Sharon to relax, hell take care of her. To that end, she follows him to the Bahamasand into a living hell.

Even though shes occupied with the homicide case, not to mention her own family, Marti feels she owes Sharon her help, so with her husband along for support, she heads off to a nightmare in paradise.

The Marti MacAlister series is a popular one, not only because theyre strong police procedurals, but also because of the warmth and charm of Marti and her family. This may well be her bestand scariestyet. (Dec. 304 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg