Image of Whispers In The Dark


Image of Whispers In The Dark
Karyn Mitchell hasn't had a romantic night since she was date-raped four years before. Karyn is sure that Dr. Desire, who she listens to on the radio, could cure her if she slept with him, because he's so knowledgeable about what women need. When Karyn calls his show to tell him she needs him to sleep with her, they're both embarrassed. Still, Christopher Faulkner, aka Dr. Desire, asks her to dinner to discuss what she might do and ends up as her lover. But Chris has his own issues, including a no-good father. Whispers in the Dark (3), by Kira Sinclair, is well written, has sympathetic main characters, romantic sex and a detailed plot. But Chris' father is super-creepy, and one scene in particular is extremely unpleasant. Also, Karyn's problem is too complex to be cured so quickly.
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Page Traynor