Image of Whispers from the Grave (Volume 1)


Image of Whispers from the Grave (Volume 1)

An exceptional mixture of mystery, ghosts and romance, this novel examines the tragedies of war. Murphy skillfully intertwines the present with the past and brings history to life. The
horrors of war, told non-graphically, provide a realistic background.

Visiting her friend Judith at her home near Charles City, Va., Christine starts having visions of what happened there during the so-called War of Northern Aggression, aka the Civil War. Christine realizes that these visions involve her friend's ancestors and that one of the men she's seeing looks like Judith's brother, Geoff, whom she's attracted to.

As the visions reveal more tragic happenings from the past, Judith discovers she isn't alone. Geoff and his ex-wife, whom he's still involved with, are having the visions as well, and they're becoming horrifyingly more real. (Coachlight Press, Mar., 273 pp., $15.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley