Returning home to Tasmania from her school in England, Jesmond Corbett is determined to fit into her family and local society. That is, until the stallion she brought her brother runs off and convict Lucas Gallagher catches him.

Lucas has been transported and sentenced to hard labor. Ever since his arrival, he has dreamt of freedom and planned his escape. Then he meets Jessie. She has the power to heal his anger and touch his heart as no one else, but is he willing to accept her love and the redemption it brings?

This is a very emotionally powerful story that more than satisfies readers desires to become involved in their characters lives and feel all of their deepest emotions. Add to this Candice Proctors beautifully rendered descriptions of the backdrop and details of Australian society and you have the feeling that you are right there.

Though the plot is one Ms. Proctor has used to her advantage before, the characters are so appealing and the back drop so unique that youll be entranced and left hoping for more. SENSUAL (Jul., 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin