Moving back to Benton, Ga., to start up a B&B with her friend Sandra sounded like a good idea to Carly Linton. But after pulling up to the vacant Victoria mansion, both women start getting the creeps.

Things get off to a less than stellar start when Carly winds up wrestling in the dirt with old friend Matt Converse. These days he's the sheriff of Benton, and he quickly learns that Carly carries a grudge about their one-night stand in high school.

When Carly and Sandra first arrived at the house, it seems like they surprised a burglar. Several nights later, the "burglar" makes an additional attempt at entering the house. Matt is concerned. Who is the real target: Carly or something in that house?

A creepy villain with an old-time grudge adds tingling suspense to this terrific romantic tale. Fun characters add to the mix, and Robards also adds in plenty of humor and sexual tension, making this a thoroughly enjoyable book. (Jan., 394 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith