Image of Whispers Through Time (Whispers series) (Volume 2)


Image of Whispers Through Time (Whispers series) (Volume 2)

This sequel to Whispers from the Grave is a skillfully done journey into the past, though it can be confusing if you haven't read the first story. The heroine sleeps with a married man in both the past and the present, and thinking too much about the story can ruin the magic of it.

After Geoff Cameron is murdered, he can still communicate with his wife, Chris, through their 7-year-old daughter, Sarah. Soon Chris is seeking a way to change history. Traveling through time to 1867, she becomes involved with George, a previous incarnation of Geoff, and his mentally disturbed wife. But things get out of hand, and Chris is soon stuck in the past with history repeating itself. The only help available is in the form of Sarah, born in the past as well as the present. Will Chris and Sarah be able to save Geoff, or is history truly unchangeable? (Coachlight, May, 276 pp., $15.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley