This conclusion to the Alaskan Quest series is riveting. The attraction of these characters to readers lies in their ability to manage uncontrollable situations. The intertwining of tragedy, relationships and faith create an inspiring theme. The author compels readers to trust God with their lives. Peterson is not afraid to confront tough issues.

Jayce and Jacob arrive home after being separated from their families for more than a year. Rejoicing at being reunited with Leah, Helaina and family, everyone agrees to move to Seward to take advantage of the burgeoning business opportunities. This new life brings hardship when a beloved family member unexpectedly passes away. Striving to regain normalcy, Jacob and Jayce travel to Skagway to pick up material for their business. When word arrives that the men have disappeared, Leah and Helaina must dig deep to trust God. (BETHANY HOUSE, Nov., 384 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Reyes