Taking the elements of historical romance and combining them with a shade of the paranormal, Stone’s novel offers the heat that one expects from a romance and keeps readers on their toes with extremely attractive and bewitching protagonists. Stone builds her plot easily, making the readers truly wish they were a part of this fascinating relationship.

Catlin Glyndwr is a 10th-generation Mistress of Elements. Catlin is soon accused of witchcraft and sentenced to dangle from the hangman’s rope. Escaping, she joins up with Sir Griffin Reynolds, who is on his way to the colony of Virginia on a mission for King Charles II. Griffin is out to locate Puritan rebels who are after the throne. As the duo try to resist the attraction that develops between them, they are thrown into a series of intrigues. Using a bit of the “abracadabra” to keep Griffin by her side, Catlin soon finds that love may just be the only magic that counts. (SIBELLESTONE.COM, dl $2.99)

Reviewed by: 
Amy Lignor