While rummaging through the attic of a run-down Scottish castle hes inherited, Andrew Macallister and his assistant, Elizabeth Rowan, find a cloak and clan badge that magically transpors them to 1050 Scotland. Elizabeths historical expertise, which includes the Gaelic language, enables them to communicate and fit into the culture, despite the inevitable shock of gritty medieval life.

They had always avoided their feelings for each other; now, giving into that love can help bring them home. But Andrew finds he must compete with his ancestor, Travis, for Elizabeths affections.

This is a remarkable book, and Ms. McGill is an outstanding writer. There is rich historical detail of everyday medieval life, and characters who stepped right out of the annals of history. I love time travel books, and this one is exceptional. (Mar., dl $5.65, dk $6.25, cd $9.10, trade paperback $11.35)

Reviewed by: 
Deborah Brent