A Lakota spirit guide has returned to Mathilda Morning Moon O'Brien after a long absence. The half-white Mattie experiences the tribal visions and prophetic dreams that were her gift before her parents' murder and the loss of her husband and her eyesight after a suspicious fire.

Several of her new visions involve Reed Robertson, another half-white, half-Native American. Reed is much more distant from his tribal heritage than Mattie. A bounty hunter, he's returned to town to capture the last two bandits who murdered his wife during a bank robbery.

A suspenseful mix of western and Native American romance, with an intriguing paranormal element, this book promises to be one of the best in Edwards' popular White series. Oriented toward family and family values, this book will generate impatience for a future book about Mattie's sister and the protective sheriff already so much a part of her life. SENSUAL (Nov., 321 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger