Senator Wyatt Randolph is running for his life. His best friend has been killed and his legacy to Wyatt is a fortune in diamonds that are connected to a top-secret government operation. As he closes in on the man responsible for the contract on his life, Wyatt is stabbed and left for dead during a snowstorm.

When he awakens comfortable and warm, he realizes he's been rescued by Senator Brad Rutledge's daughter-the daughter of the man he believes is behind his best friend's murder and the so-far-unsuccessful attempts on his own life.

College professor and PhD candidate Sandra Rutledge's plans for quiet study time in her family's mountain cabin are obliterated when she finds Senator Wyatt Randolph possibly bleeding to death. She takes him back to her cabin, never dreaming her Good Samaritan rescue would trap her in a web of intrigue, danger, revelations about her own family that could destroy them all...and a love so consuming, so passionate it will shake the foundations of her neatly ordered world.

Shirley Hailstock has once again raised the ordinary to extraordinary, the sublime to exquisite and bathed it in an exotic romantic fantasy. (Aug., 408 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson