By the command of a super-natural power, Jeremy Jones is protected until he takes possession of his destiny. Oblivious to such divine intervention, he only wants to win the affection of the renowned female warrior, White Dove.

Seeking any opportunity to impress White Dove, Jeremy manages to create a disaster from which White Dove must rescue him. The humbling incident is the catalyst for him to finally make his own way into manhood: he will return to the Black Hills with White Dove and the Lakota to train as a warrior.

White Dove must choose a suitable mate for herselfor her father will. She is to marry a warrior, but only Jeremy makes her heart pound with secret desireand he is far from being a champion.

Jeremy will endure anything to win White Dove for his own, but danger haunts them and a spurned lovers hatred and treachery steal their happiness before Jeremy is forced to listen to his sacred visions.

Ms. Edwardss newest tale in her Native American series is filled with familiar characters and predictable plotlines. This interesting romance also has an important theme: family isnt what youre born into, its what you create. SENSUAL (Jul., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black