Bloodbrothers Tamsen and Josarian led the oppressed land of Sileria into rebellion. Now on the eve of victory, alliances against a common enemy are breaking down. Tamsen faces a seemingly impossible task of reuniting Sileria's feuding clans without the aid of his bloodbrother. Meanwhile Zarien, a boy of the sea-dwelling Lascari clan, is sent on a perilous quest to a world of dry land. The strange destinies of man and boy intertwine in a way that will affect the future of all of Sileria. Skillfully interwoven through Zarien and Tamsen's journey is the story of Tamsen's youth, which serves to strengthen and not diminish the thread of the plot. Atmospheric world-building, dry humor and appealing characters make THE WHITE DRAGON (4.5) by Laura Resnick an epic fantasy not to be missed. New readers should check out the earlier book in the series, In Legend Born, for backstory, but this novel stands on its own as an enthralling fantasy adventure. (Jul., 496 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jen Talley Exum