When Colonel Grady OBrien rides into the Sioux camp looking for his long-lost daughters, Star Dreamer is instantly intrigued by her brothers new father-in-law. Though she has never seen him, it is as if he stepped out of one of her visions.

For nine years, Grady has searched for his daughters and he is thrilled to be reunited with them. Though Emma is married, Renny is still young enough to bring back to St. Louis. Knowing he will need help with her, he asks the widow Star and her daughter, Rennys best friend, to accompany them.

To ease the way, the Sioux women change their names and dress, making it easier to fit into St. Louis society. But it is not easy for Gradys sister Hester to welcome her brother back with open arms, especially after he and Star rescue a free woman of color from slavers.

The return to the city is a difficult adjustment for them all and Star and Grady grow closer as they struggle with a new life and their daughters growing pains. It is easy for them to trust and fall in love with one another. Yet, they have no idea that their one act of kindness places them in grave danger from the man known as the Dragon.

In this continuation of her Native American series, Ms. Edwards brings us old and new characters in a story filled with complicated plot twists and turns. Yet as the story unfolds youll be aware of a powerful message about the relationships between fathers and daughters and mothers and daughters that will truly touch your heart. SENSUAL (Nov., 370 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin