Katrina Wellington has been ordered to travel west to gain her Uncle's permission to marry the foppish Marquess of Leicester, the man who will give her prestige and a title.

White Eagle, who holds fond memories of the little girl Katrina, is disturbed to see that the young lady is now spoiled and has no memory of her former life on the Northwest prairie. Once known as Shines Like Moon, the fair-haired woman now looks upon her former friend as a savage.

At Fort Union they learn the marquess must travel even further to meet Katrina's uncle. The nobleman is beside himself. Katrina, determined to gain her dowry, insists she will go.

White Eagle offers to escort Katrina and the Marquess. Katrina's independent streak and her growing realization that the Marquess is not for her compels her to follow this tantalizing "savage."

This reviewer anticipated the second book in the Blackfoot Warrior series, however, several historical and cultural details were altered to make the story convincing to modern day readers. Unlike Grayhawk's Lady, WHITE EAGLE'S TOUCH does not go into as much depth, making for a pleasant but light read-a typical Indian romance. SENSUAL (May, 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer