The entire community on Browards Rock is shocked when Kathryn Girard is murdered. After all, who would want to kill the sweet, placid Girard? The police think they know the answer and decide to pin the crime on the elderly but sprightly Henny Brawley.

Annie Laurance Darling, owner of the local mystery bookstore Death on Demand, and her dashing husband Max know that Henny may be cantankerous and impatient but shes no killer. Using their considerable sleuthing skills, they take matters into their own hands and investigate the Girard killing. Much to their shock, Girard wasnt what she seemedshe was a blackmailer with several victims living right on Browards Rock. When another killing happens, the Darlings realize that one of their neighbors is a multiple murderer.

WHITE ELEPHANT DEAD is another winning entry in Harts extremely popular Death on Demand series. Max and Annie Darling are an enchanting couple, definitely worthy successors to Pam and Jerry North. As usual, Hart name drops many fine mysteries in this book, whetting the mystery lovers appetite for more. There is a mystery quiz as well, which is sure to baffle and delight fans of the genre. (Sep., 304 pp., $6.50—Hardcover published September 1999)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg