Image of White Ginger


Image of White Ginger

Robinson starts a new series featuring delicious characters and an intriguing setting with a bang. This could have turned into a joke, with Bai’s almost stereotypical martial arts skills, beauty and smarts. Yet it works. This is an unconventional, very modern take on a mystery, with dry humor and wit. Definitely worth a try!

Bai Jiang is a souxon, a people finder, whose family is involved with the triads of San Francisco’s Chinatown. When a 15-year-old girl asks her to find her friend who has disappeared, she accepts. More used to chasing alimony dodgers, Bai soon learns this isn’t her usual case. A small-time gang member has sold his sister to a real gangster, trading her for membership in the triad. Bai is determined to get her back even if it means taking help from her grandfather’s old colleagues and being paired with her delicious but very dangerous former lover. (SEVENTH STREET, Oct., 293 pp., $15.95)
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Page Traynor