Image of White Heat


Image of White Heat

The page-turning suspense in Novak’s trilogy starter intensifies as the Department 6 security team exposes a dangerous cult. Novak’s characters show how a handful of “leaders” can manipulate other people to achieve their own ends through a self-made religion. Although the sexual activity between the main characters is limited, there are some rather graphic descriptions of sexual abuse within the cult.

Rachel’s undercover assignment to pretend to be married to her boss Nate creates all sorts of tension. First, there’s the danger of infiltrating a religious cult in the remote Arizona desert, where a charismatic leader may be fostering drug use, sexual abuse and possibly murder. Second, being with the cult resurrects bad memories of Rachel’s upbringing under her strict father and his cult-like religious beliefs. To top it all off, faking love and intimacy is tough when she is still humiliated about her ill-conceived seduction of Nate. (MIRA, Aug., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan