Image of White Horse: A Novel


Image of White Horse: A Novel

Adams’ fantasy is brilliant! It’s McCarthy’s The Road on hope steroids. Adam’s narrative is the prose of the world’s destruction, beautiful yet horrible. Her amazing characters are full of both hope and hopelessness in the face of death — and worse. This is what apocalyptic fiction will aspire to be from now on.

All around Zoe Marshall, the world is dying in small pieces, unnoticed until there is barely enough humanity left to fill the globe. Zoe embarks on a pilgrimage across oceans and countries, marked with unthinkable devastation. On her journey she will meet, make and lose friends. She will encounter an enemy shadowed in the unknown. She has a greater purpose for her voyage and must reach her destination before falling victim to the White Horse. (ATRIA, Apr., 256 pp., $19.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt