Upon the death of her father, Gabrielle Robichon inherits the traveling Cirque Equestre. No lover of Napoleon, Gabrielle offers to help the British Army by transporting gold coins across France. Wellington desperately needs the money to pay his troops.

It's arranged for Colonel Lord Leo Standish, Earl of Branford, to escort Gabrielle by posing as her husband. Gabrielle thinks the tall, handsome Leo—every inch the English aristocrat—is a bit too arrogant to blend in with the circus people. Leo comes to admire this slip of a girl. She manages the circus and is also an accomplished equestrienne.

Their masquerade as husband and wife in this dangerous mission brings them closer together, and they soon become lovers. But Gabrielle knows that at the end of their journey Leo will report back to his regiment, and she will get on with her life. Will Leo discover his true feelings for Gabrielle before it's too late?

Wolf spins a very entertaining love story as she gives the reader a glimpse of circus life and a fine overview of the famous Lipizzaner horses, trained in what is known as High School, along with a vivid scenario of the battle of Victoria. SENSUAL (Aug., 384 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond