Florida investigative reporter Jeremiah Tobak is between stories when Croc, one of his informants, contacts him with a hot story. It seems there is an audacious cat burglar at work in Palm Beach, a thief so brazen that he strikes in the middle of parties and social events. Croc insists that Jeremiah needs to check into the comings and goings of a new publicist in town, named Mollie Lavender.

Checking out Mollie Lavender is the last thing Jeremiah wants to do. His conscience still twinges over the abrupt breakup of their one week affair, ten years ago. Jeremiah has a hard time believing that the innocent, and somewhat na ve college girl he knew could be a thief. When the Gold Coast Cat Burglar strikes again, however, and Mollie is once more on the scene, Jeremiah starts to dig.

Mollie knew she risked running into Jeremiah some day. however, she certainly didn't expect him to turn up on her doorstep hunting a thief. To Mollie's intense irritation, Jeremiah's dangerous charm has not dimmed. Her godfather, opera singer Leonardo Pascarelli, has allowed her to house-sit his magnificent estate while he is on tour. Mollie's connections have given her access to the rarefied air of Palm Beach Society, but being linked to the burglar will not do her any good. When Mollie is attacked during a party and a necklace ripped from her throat, Jeremiah's hunting instincts are on full alert. If Mollie is not the thief, why is she the common denominator in all the crimes?

Crime, passion and humor are the juicy elements Carla Neggers supplies to provide her readers with a quirky and fun-filled adventure that they are sure to adore. As always, Ms. Neggers' book is a joy to read. (July, 306 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith