Although Annie Rogers suffers from asthma, she dreams of serving God on the mission field in Africa. Annie travels to Montana to visit her Winslow relatives (non-blood), where John Winslow falls for her. Although the teenaged Annie is attracted to the older man, she feels called by God to the mission field.

Leaving Montanna to seek her lifes work, Annie takes a job as a secretary- companion to the outrageous socialite Jeanine Quintana. She accompanies Jeanine on the Titantic and discovers through ministering to her employer that the mission field is much closer to home than she realized.

Reassuringly, she hears the voice of God confimring that she will one day serve in Africa. When her chance arrives, Annie discovers that John Winslow had become a big game hunter and was also in Africa. But can John and Annie bridge the cultural chasm between them and find love?

Despite the fact that Gilbert Morris historical is weighed down with superfluous, historical tidbits and the romance is secondary to the story, his fans will probably find this newest sequel engaging. (Feb., 304 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Roberta Blair