The author is able to keep the story fun and light, even though the backstory includes the heavy topic of abuse. The scenes where Travis initiates Shea into his lifestyle, including an array of sex toys, are particularly playful. When it does come time to address past abuse, the author treats the topic with care and seriousness which creates a well-balanced plot. As an unexpected treat, there is a secondary romance that takes place in Travis’ dreams that mirrors the main characters' journey.

Straight off the bus from Las Vegas, Shea Landon is not having any luck at getting a job in Los Angeles until she lands a waitressing gig at a fetish club. She has no problem serving drinks to guests that want to watch couples perform sex acts on the king size bed that dominates the stage. But the only interest Shea has in the club’s bed is to get a good night's rest. When she sneaks around after hours to bunks down at the club, she is not expecting to be caught by the silent partner of Scoundrels, Travis Knight.

Travis likes watching, that’s why he has cameras installed around the club. But lately, Shea has been the only woman he wants to study. However, she is a traditional girl while Travis has some rather unusual fetishes in the bedroom. Can he convince Shea that watching and not touching can be a special kind of intimacy or will Shea be the one changing Travis’ mind about the power of human touch? (ELLORA’S CAVE, November 2011, dl., $5.20)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne