Powerful and versatile author Wendy Haley plumbs the darkest side of human nature with her harrowing new suspense tale WHITE LIGHT.This gritty and totally absorbing thriller touches a primal nerve as it exposes a twisted web of cruelty, deceit, and treachery that has culminated in a grisly and possibly satanic murder. Gut wrenching suspense!

How far should a parent go to protect their child, what if the child is the prime suspect in a brutal murder?

To remove the threat of any more involvement with the wrong crowd, divorced accountant Connie Matthias moves her son Jeff back to Virginia Beach to live with his father, firefighter, Derek Valle.

The night after they arrive in Virginia Beach, Connie discovers her twin brother's murdered body laid out in the center of a pentagram on the beach. Fearing that her son will be the prime suspect due to his prior involvement with Satanism, Connie erases the pentagram.

After doing this, Connie feels compelled to try to uncover the real murderer. As the evidence continues to point towards Jeff, Connie turns to two men for help, John Bruycker, a mysterious and passionate psychic, and her hardheaded ex-husband Derek.

(July, 432 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith