As a traitor to the crown, Isabel de Lameres father was executed by King Henry, all his property was forfeited and Isabel and her sister declared illegitimate.

Now King Richard has learned Isabel is an heiress with lands in France and decides she must wed a nobleman of his choosing to secure the property for England.

Isabel agrees to wed the Earl of Montborne to protect her sisters future. However, on the way to her wedding shes abducted by Griffin of Droghollow, the champion who rescued her once as a girl. Isabel has no idea that Griffin, now a changed man, was hired by his evil brother the Earl of Droghollow, enemy of Montborne, and believes that he is the brave knight of her childhood dreams come to save her again. As Griffin and Isabel journey, they fall in love. What will happen when it is time to turn her over to the malevolent Earl?

This exciting romance, with its strong characters, colorful backdrop and sensual captive/captor plot, will surely delight anyone who wants a well-written medieval that follows some traditional plotlines, but adds a refreshing twist and some unexpected turns. Tina St. John does not disappoint. SENSUAL (Aug., 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin