Isabella Abbott has grown up near White Mountain in Braden, Montana. All her life she's helped out at the wonderful Braden fertility clinic that's run by her father and the men she considers her uncles.

But within a week her father dies of a heart attack and she gets word that her "uncle" Frank, who has been away on business, was murdered in a section of New York called Little Russia.

Meanwhile, FBI Agent Jack Dolan's been called into what at first seems like an ordinary case. An elderly man was murdered in Brighton Beach and a run on his fingerprints shows that he's a famous Russian doctorwho's been dead for 30 years. So Jack is sent to Braden to discover what's going on.

Now the other uncles are beginning to fear that their long-held secrets are about to be exposed. Agent Dolan knows that something is going on at Abbott House, but is unable to put his finger on what it is. All he knows is that Isabella Abbott is quickly getting under his skin and seems to need him. The question is, can he trust her? Or is she another piece in this bizarre mystery?

Talented Dinah McCall, aka Sharon Sala, delivers a wonderfully complex tale. With excitement, adventure and mystery, this remarkable read will keep fans speeding through the pages. (Apr., 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson