Image of The White Queen: A Novel (Cousins' War)


Image of The White Queen: A Novel (Cousins' War)

The War of the Roses is the turbulent backdrop for Gregory's latest Plantagenet novel. Gregory knows history is not dates and battles, but people, and here she delivers another riveting tale of a strong woman, making her life leap from the pages. History becomes an adventure,
a mystery, a love story and a powerful drama in her capable hands as she reimagines the plight of the little princes and presents an intriguing portrait of Richard III. This is what we read for.

Elizabeth Woodville, wife of Edward the IV, mother of the little princes whose possible deaths at the hands of Richard, Duke of Gloucester, are still a mystery, grandmother of Henry VIII, is a beautiful widow intent upon keeping her family safe during wartime.

She makes alliances with Richard, even though he will imprison her sons in the Tower because they have a stronger claim to the throne then he. She uses whatever means to keep her power and pushes her daughter, Elizabeth, into liaisons and power. All the while she hopes and prays that her sons have survived, and years later discovers the truth. (TOUCHSTONE, Aug., 432 pp., $25.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin