On the day she's to wed powerful medicine man Hoka Luta of the Sichangus Sioux, beautiful Winona of the Hunkpapa Sioux is kidnapped along with her adopted sister, Spotted Deer.

Mixed-race Cheyenne warrior Night Shadow took Winona to force Hoka Luta into revealing where he sold Night's younger sister Jenny. Kidnapping Spotted Deer wasn't in the plan, but when Winona struggles to escape, he sends Spotted Deer to travel with his accomplice while he and Winona continue the journey alone.

As they travel, the fearless Winona becomes more and more drawn to her captor. She longs to understand his anguish, then to heal him and finally to love him. Night Shadow resists losing the hate that's been his reason for living, but can't deny the passion that draws him to Winona.

Edwards creates her Native American romance with high regard for the realities of tribal life and captures the spirit these native people. In this intense, love story set against nature's backdrop, Edwards reveals the tragic consequences of the clash between tribal and white cultures, which later result in war. Her novel also affirms that the powerful light of love can always dispel the dark shadows of hate. SENSUAL (Nov., 338 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger