Lee takes the theme of educating an innocent one step further by weaving Asian culture and sensuality into a story that both titillates and educates.

Naive Lydia Smith leaves England planning on surprising her fiancé. Instead, she is tricked, drugged and brought to a brothel to be sold as a slave to Ru Shan known as "the Dragon." He is the "yang," a man whose sexual prowess and virility are renowned. On the path to immortality, he needs what Lydia possesses; the "yin," the power of feminine sensuality.

The intelligent Lydia is unlike any woman Ru Shan has known. She compels him to think about their relationship as not just master and slave, but more as pupil and teacher. Their relationship trans- forms from one of pure sensuality into a meeting of the minds and hearts.

The relationship between alpha male Ru Shan and Lydia is powerful, going beyond sensuality into the spiritual realm as Lee guides the readers as much as Ru Shan leads Lydia to uncover the mysteries of life and sensuality. An erotic romance for those seeking a heated exotic love story. (Jan., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin