Image of White Trash Damaged


Image of White Trash Damaged

The second in Mummert’s trilogy, White Trash Damaged continues the sweet and poignant love story between Cass and Tucker. The new struggles feel realistic as Cass tries to adapt to life on the road with her rock-star boyfriend. Tucker’s bandmates and other secondary characters are given much bigger roles in this story, particularly Eric, the antagonistic bad-boy drummer. Although still enjoyable, Mummert’s latest is more of a transitional book to set up for the finale. However, fans will be thoroughly pleased with the epilogue.

Cass has decided to go on the road with Tucker and his rock band. She’s still struggling with her past, but she’s trying to move forward by making new friends, writing poetry and looking for ways to release some of her inner emotion. Tucker fully intends to stand beside Cass and has made it quite clear that she means more to him than anything else. But a new manager rocks the boat by not approving of Cass and Tucker’s public relationship, while Cass is faced with someone from her past wanting to reconnect. All Tucker wants to do is protect her. (GALLERY, Oct., 320 pp., $15.00)
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Susannah Balch