Renait O'Brien doesn't need or want Sheriff Tyler's help with running her family. She can and should provide for them herself and she certainly won't let some lawman who wants to break her family apart intrude in their private family business.

In her need to hold the family together, Renny has forgotten her Native American roots. When her sister receives a startling vision of their brother in a pool of blood, Renny knows it is time for her to find her half-Sioux brother before he dies.

Tyler refuses to let her take that journey alone and escorts her through the wilderness. It might be his one opportunity to prove to Renny that he is the man for her.

The stress of locating her brother and the call of her ancestors drive Renny forward, but it is Tyler who keeps her focused and his sweet kisses that give her the courage to put her family back together and find some peace.

Though Edwards strives to combine the history and aura of the west with Indian lore and a family drama, it's difficult to sort through the tangled threads of the plot. However, Edwards' fans will be pleased that she continues her efforts to keep carefully detailed, quality Native American fiction at the forefront of the genre. SENSUAL (Jan., 307 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin