They began as adversarial attorneys, each drawing from their own bag of tricks in order to win, but her Christmas spirit soon touched the side of him that his humbug feelings hadn't claimed, and together they'll have to prove her grandmother's innocence. Leave it to M.J. Rodgers to give readers the gift of incomparable storytelling, and add sparkling, witty dialogue to the mix. Don't wait to unwrap HEART VS. HUMBUG (4).

The past seems to come back to haunt a waitress and her young daughter when exactly two years after the murder of her husband, her landlord is missing on THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS (4). Her landlord's nephew arrives just in time to help, if he can just get past his own suspicions. Joyce Sullivan weaves a tight web of mystery sure to heat up a cold December night.

Visiting family for the holidays, a forensic scientist finds herself on the wrong side of an investigation when she's accused of murdering one of her sister-in-law's employees. Help comes in the form of a stranger with more secrets than answers. In HANDSOME AS SIN (3), Kelsey Roberts once again delivers sparkling dialogue and great touches of humor.

Serving as maid of honor for her friend's wedding on a secluded island in winter would have been fun if her ex-husband hadn't shown up as best man, and if all the guests weren't turning up dead. Jean Barrett has penned chills aplenty in WHITE WEDDING (3), while readers might want to sleep with their lights on when they finish this one.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson