Feisty tomboy Jessica Jones may not wear dresses or fuss over her appearance, but she can fight and shoot like a man. So when it appears that the new wagon master who hired her brothers will not allow a woman on his wagon train, Jess takes matters into her own hands.

Wolf sees all women as deceitful, and sees an unmarried woman as nothing but trouble on a wagon train. But he agrees to take along the Jones younger brother, having no idea that the stubborn young boy is a woman.

Though the trail has its dangers, Jess holds her own among the men, but eventually Wolf catches on to her chasrade and begins to tempt and tease her. Though Jess finds Wolf attractive and disturbing, as she yields to her womanly desires she knows she is treading on rough ground. Wolf is a rugged man whose past holds secrets and whose future may not include her. And all the while they are surrounded by others on the train who are far more deceitful than Jess, and whose existence poses a threat to everyone.

This lively debut marks Susan Edwards as an author to watch! (Jan., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin