Superintendent Thomas Pitt of Scotland Yard incurs the wrath of those known as the Inner Circle and is transferred to the poor area of Spitalfields to search for anarchists. As part of his punishment, he must live in Spitalfields and cannot see his wife or children. Pitts only hope is to do his job and wait it out.

This is not good enough for his spirited wife Charlotte, however. She begins her own investigation of the murder case that caused her husbands downfall. Her maid Gracie, with the help of Pitts Sergeant Tellman, begins another investigation. It is Gracie and Tellman who ferret out a truth so shocking that it strains all credulity.

Anne Perry, queen of the historical mystery, has outdone herself with THE WHITECHAPEL CONSPIRACY. The suspense and tension mount as the Pitts fight to save themselves and English life as they know it. As always, the characters are unforgettable and the plotting superb in this thrilling read. (Jan., 341 pp., $6.99) Hardcover published February 2001.

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg