John Whitefeathers mixed heritage makes him a Cheyenne to whites, and a white man to his Native American band, so he tends to be a true Western loner.

Jane Harris flees west after a particularly brutal beating by the man whos made himself her fianci, but demanded she keep the engagement totally secret.

From the moment John Whitefeather gives Jane a ride to Caleb Kincaids ranch, hes captivated, but he knows this fragile, accident-prone and often frightened city woman wont survive in his world. As hes foreman of the ranch and a leader among the Cheyenne, who must learn a new way to live if theyre to survive, shes also completely wrong for him.

But Jane is also adapting to a new life. At first, adjustment seems impossible, but when she learns that John believes shes wrong for him, Jane makes a radical decision to live a more independent, less fearful life.

With the play of comedy against serious issues, Deborah Hale adds another rewarding romance to the familiar characters and hometown of Whitehorn, Montana. SWEET (Oct., 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger