Veterinarian Leah Foster Starr has returned to Ruidoso in order to raise her physically challenged son and build her career. Estranged from her senator father, Leah has worked hard to rebuild her life following her divorce. Until now, Leah has been able to avoid a confrontation with her long-lost love, Johnny Whitehorse, but an emergency with a pregnant mare soon forces the issue.

Leah and Johnny had been young and in love when Leahs father, politics and the death of Johnnys father came between them. Johnny went on to make a fortune and now has become an activist for his people. Johnny suspects that Senator Fosters hands are none too clean when it comes to the recent bankruptcy of the Apache Casino and Resort. Proving it, however, will be difficult.

Despite all that has come between them, Leah and Johnny still feel the emotional spark that has always bound them. Johnnys current girlfriend, news anchor Dolores Rainwater, is out to get both Leah and her father. Dolores claims to have uncovered new and damaging evidence. Will Leah be forced to choose between her father and her lost love once again?

WHITEHORSE moves prolific historical author Katherine Sutcliffe firmly into the world of contemporary romantic suspense. A very entertaining read. (Dec., 336 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith