Image of Whiter Than Snow


Image of Whiter Than Snow

Dallas' 2009 novel Prayers for Sale created a buzz, but her latest truly leaves a mark on readers' souls. Using her hallmark clean, clear prose, Dallas portrays the gamut of emotions her characters experience and delivers a quietly eloquent and powerful story about how a town reacts to a devastating tragedy. This is a book that resonates with those who want to be touched.

Swandyke is a typical small town, with a mix of all types of people. But when an avalanche separates the town from the outside world and the children are missing in the rocky slide, the townspeople must deal with the tragedy. Some come together to ease their sorrow, others fly at one another in anger, some cannot control their grief, yet all come to grips with loss. (ST. MARTIN'S, Apr., 304 pp., $24.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin