Image of Whitewash (MIRA)


Image of Whitewash (MIRA)

Kava's latest is relentlessly paced, alternating between several equally intriguing, intertwined subplots. Timely, tense and thought-provoking, this one is guaranteed to keep readers up late.

The sudden disappearance of her boss, Dr. Dwight Lansik, doesn't immediately concern scientist Sabrina Galloway. Their work at EcoEnergy -- converting waste into a viable fuel source -- is important, but there's no reason to think anything's amiss. Until Sabrina finds several indications that Dr. Lansik never left the building -- and discovers that one of the plant's supposedly unused reactors is running.

Sabrina's sleuthing doesn't go unnoticed, and soon she's on the run from the man who killed Dr. Lansik -- and the police. Relying on her estranged brother for help, she struggles to prove that a huge eco-disaster is brewing -- with the full knowledge of, among others, the CEO of EcoEnergy and a U.S. senator. On the eve of an energy summit, no less. (MIRA, Jun., 432 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer