First published a decade ago, WHITNEY, MY LOVE remains a perennial favorite. The magic of the romance between Whitney and Clayton has never dimmed and is enhanced in this new, expanded version.

The first big historical romance set in the Regency era, WHITNEY, MY LOVE captured readers attention. The intensely emotional writing tapped into readers fantasies, making them laugh, cry and remember the joy and magic of falling in love.

How do you make a great book better? By adding a longer, more fulfilling ending, and strengthening the characters, delving deeper into their motivations. Now we have a hardcover edition of a classic novel that is as close to perfection as a romance can get.

Whitney Stone is a lovely, if somewhat wild, young woman intent upon winning Paul Severens heart. Sent to France because of her outlandish behavior, Whitney turns into a stunning woman who longs to return home to see Paul.

Her father, however, has bartered her away to the domineering, arrogant and sensual Duke of Claymore. No matter how hard she resists, she is drawn to the Duke, and in the end she learns to fight for his love with courage and intelligence.

Few words do adequate justice to WHITNEY; extraordinary, remarkable, triumphant, magical, joyousnone fully express my feelings on this enlarged and yes, even more wonderful romance. SENSUAL (Oct., 577 pp., $19.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin