Image of The Whole World: A Novel


Image of The Whole World: A Novel

Winslow has a charming voice and knows the world of Cambridge. The setting itself is a lovely character. Unfortunately, Winslow fails to give that same charm to her human characters, and the shifting points of view are jarring. The inexplicable conclusion will simply leave the reader baffled.

Polly and Liv are American students studying at Cambridge. A bizarre love triangle between the two good friends and their stalwart companion Nick becomes further confused when the three are hired by a blind professor, Gretchen, to help sort through her famous mother’s photographs. Gretchen seeks to unravel the mystery of her author mother’s past, and none of the four understand what truths await them. (BANTAM, Jun., 288 pp., $25.00)
Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs