Exceptionally well-developed characters make Who's on Top? (4.5), by Karen Kendall, a book that pulls the reader in and keeps her reading. Psychologist Jane O'Toole and friends have started Finesse, a training center for personal and career enhancement. Dominic Sayers' female boss sends him to Jane, citing his negative attitude and insubordination. Jane is inclined to see a hostile man who has trouble working with women. But Dominic knows that his boss, who has slept and manipulated her way to the top, has set him up. Despite the serious issue and the characters' prickly personalities, there is fun humor here. The dialogue is clever, and there's lots of sexual tension and sensual love scenes. Jane and Dominic keep developing as they work their way through the past and its influence on the present.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor